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What are Kenyans Saying About Coronavirus?
March 27, 2020
The Weekly Pulse- Issue 2
April 14, 2020

Here's your drop of weekly helpful consumer data collected on OnePulse to help you make the right decisions and inspire you..

We know that every business has its own questions right now, and the best way we can support is to provide timely, relevant data directly related to your business. That's why, along with the data we're collecting from our own Pulses, we're now including data in this newsletter from the questions that brands and agencies have submitted and agreed to be shared. We're allowing businesses to submit up to 2 questions (in total), at no cost, to run in our daily Pulses to our community, and we'll provide the data directly to you the next day.

We're collating this in a weekly newsletter. If you haven't yet submitted your question(s), please do at the link below!

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What you've wanted to know this week...

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Brand Messaging

Do Kenyans expect brands to change their messaging to suit current situation?

See Pulse

Banking Habits

What actions are Kenyans likely to take in the next 12 months?

See Pulse (Bank, Kenya)

Consumer Purchasing

What are Kenyan consumers stock-piling?

See Pulse (Retail Brand)

Have consumers encountered a hike in product prices since the start of the pandemic?

See Pulse

Are Kenyans worried about missing bill payments during the pandemic?

See Pulse

How is self-isolation impacting tech-purchases?

See Pulse (Starcom, UK Audience)


How are parents dealing with schooling their children at home?

See Pulse

Post-Pandemic Plans

Once some normality resumes, what do people look forward to doing?

See Pulse

Preventive Measures-General Consumer Sentiments

Do you support the 7pm-5am government imposed curfew?

See Pulse

How are Kenyans adjusting to the new "normal"

See Pulse

What actions have consumers taken as a preventive measure?

See Pulse

How concerned are you that coronavirus will negatively impact your job?

See Pulse (HR Firm, Kenya)

How do Kenyans feel the outbreak and spread of coronavirus has been portrayed in the media?

See Pulse

Has the quality of social media content changed in the past week?

See Pulse (Digital Agency, UK Audience)

Just for Fun!

How much do Kenyans love their meat?

See Pulse

Which decade of music do Kenyans prefer?

See Pulse

Stay safe and informed.

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