The Weekly Pulse- Issue 2

The Weekly Pulse
April 4, 2020
Battle of the brands June 2020
September 21, 2020

Happy Easter Folks!

It's time for our weekly round-up of the polls we have done this week.

We also know that every business has its own questions right now, and the best way we can support is to provide timely, relevant data directly related to your business.

We're allowing businesses to submit up to 2 questions (in total), at no cost, to run in our daily Pulses to our community, and we'll provide the data directly to you the next day.

If you haven't yet submitted your question(s), please do at the tab below! Feel free to share this email or the form with any colleagues, friends, or family who might benefit, and follow us on LinkedIn for more updates!

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What you've wanted to know this week...

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Corporate Responsibility

Consumers are expecting brands to step up and take action during this pandemic. We asked the Kenyan community which brands they feel are 'doing the right thing' at the moment.

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With Kenya facing the possibility of a total lockdown, we asked Kenyans if they were financially prepared to stay indoors.

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The Lockdown

Speaking of a lockdown, President Kenyatta announced a partial lockdown in Nairobi, Mombasa, Kilifi and Kwale for 21 days. How do Kenyans feel about this and are they affected?

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With Covid-19 cases rising across the country, the cost of the test, treatment and self-isolation is not cheap. We asked our community if they have a health cover and if their insurance provider would cover the cost in the event that they fell ill (COVID-19)

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Retail Giants

Where are Kenyans going to for their day to day grocery shopping?

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Media Consumption

What content is the OnePulse community consuming now that they are at home?

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The Brenda-Brian Saga

Remember the recovered COVID-19 patients, Brenda and Brian? Did Kenyans believe their story?

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The 5G Conversation

Is Africa ready for 5G?

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Working from Home

Most of us are adjusting to working from home. The community shared some advice on how to handle this new "normal"...

"Thank God you still have a job, and don't let our economy down"-OnePulse user

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Coping Mechanisms

The creative arts are getting us through this difficult times. What music are Kenyans listening to right now to get them through the pandemic?

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How are Kenyans keeping fit now that gyms and sports clubs are closed?

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What activities are people engaging in at home?

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Just for Fun!

If you had to choose a TV character to isolate with, who would you pick?

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Stay safe and informed.

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