Battle of the Brands: Top Kenyan Brands in 2019

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The primary role of branding is to acquire a unique image for a business. It also gives the business owner a mode of communicating with their prospects and clients. Without branding, in my opinion, it would be challenging to differentiate products and services.

Our article today focuses on the top Kenyan brands in 2019. We could not gather the information without some external help. So, we approached the OnePulse community to know what they thought about particular brands.

Here are thirteen surveys that we did and their results.

Favorite Yoghurt Brands

Yogurt carries different nutrients. People who are in the weight loss process, this is the drink to look out for. Besides that, drinking yogurt after a workout helps in recovery.

In our survey, we found that 49% preferred Delamere Yoghurt to any other brand. Both Ilara and Daima took second place, with 12% each.

Bio yogurt took third place with 10%.

Favorite Milk Brands

People use milk for different purposes. Most Kenyans either drink it plainly, or use it to prepare tea. 23% of the respondents preferred Brookside; 18% prefer Fresha, 17% chose KCC, and 7% would buy Lato Milk, which is a new brand that is taking the market by storm.

Favorite Petroleum Jelly

Petroleum Jelly is a valuable asset, especially for a Kenyan lady. They will always have a container in their purses to keep them moistened whenever needed. Surprisingly, 46% loved using Vaseline, and 29% would choose Arimis.

10% of the respondents preferred Valon, and 9% would go for Nivea.

Top Bathing Soap Brands

In this category, 30% of the people who took part in the survey chose Geisha as the top bathing soap, 21% chose Imperial Leather, 17% preferred Dettol, 9% said others, 5% wanted Lifebuoy, and 4% would go for Nivea

Favorite Toothpaste Brands

Maintaining a fresh breath throughout the day is one factor that people consider while buying toothpaste. For this category, Colgate emerged as the top brand with a whopping 51%, saying that it offers this splendidly.

At second position was Pepsodent with 12%, 9% chose Close Up, 8% love Aquafresh, and 7% prefer Sensodyne.

Favorite Fast Food Joints

Fast food joints are excellent places to chill and relax as you enjoy a snack.

The top brand in this category was KFC. Other fast-food joints (from second going downwards) included Chicken Inn, Burger King, Kukato, Big Square, and Mc Frys.

Top TV Stations

TV is an integral part of our lives. Although many people spend most of their time on the internet, TV remains a source of entertainment and reliable information.

In this category, the five best TV stations included Citizen (41%), KTN (19%), NTV (15%), Switch TV (12%), and Ebru TV (2%).

Top Rebrands

Companies rebrand their firms because it helps them create a new image that is in alignment with their vision.

In 2019, two large brands, Safaricom’s and Equity bank, did a massive rebrand. According to the OnePulse Community, 44% of them said that Safaricom’s rebrand was the best. On the other hand, 19% of the respondents thought that Equity’s rebrand was the best.

Top Radio Stations

Radio is a primary source of information for Kenyans. Almost all households have these units, whether big or small.

The top three radio stations, according to our respondents, included Classic 105 (33%), Kiss FM (16%), and NRG Radio (11%).

Top Brands on Social Media

Both large and small enterprises use social media nowadays. They will use them to advertise their products, communicate with their clients and prospects, and use it to extend their clientele.

According to our respondents, 39% felt that Jumia was the best brand, followed by Safaricom (30%).

Top 3 Newspapers

In the battle of the best publications in Kenya, The Daily Nation took the day with 49% praising it, The Standard got to second position (22%), and then followed by The Nairobian (11%).

Top TV Ad

Ads are one of the ways that brands use to display their products and services. Besides that, brands use the same clips to highlight creativity.

The Cadbury ad took the day with 28% loving the ad. At second position, was the Faiba ad at 31%, and The Switch to Airtel ad took third place, with 31% praising its creativity.

Top Campaigns that Kenyans Loved

Other than advertisements, brands also use ad campaigns for awareness purposes. It helps the brand to connect with its clients more humanely. In this category, the Eliud ad took the day, with 48% loving it. The other two campaigns were Selfie (19%) and Jumia Black Friday (16%).

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