The Background;
The Kenyan mobile phone market was ablaze with air-time price wars between the 2 dominant players. Targeting the mass market, both Telcos went into a cut throat competition aimed at growing their subscriber base.
The average consumer was confused on which mobile platform offers the highest value.


The Brief;
LG saw a great opportunity to launch low priced dual-sim mobile phones thus offering consumers a chance to benefit from both Telcos offers.
The catch was LG had to move with lightening speed in order reap the full benefits of first mover advantage.


The Execution;
We quickly designed a NCP targeting the mass market, mobile phone retailers & distributors aimed at creating awareness & adoption of the new handsets.


The Results;

  • LG dual-sim handsets got integrated into the Kenyan culture especially by the BOP segment. Total units sold were 135% of target.
  • LG’s retail visibility grew by 175%