Brand Promotions

We believe experience. "Before i buy, i must have a live experience." If a consumer can have a physical experience with a product or service, it allows them to make a more informed decision on their purchase. It's our job to make sure your product or service gets into the hands of your target consumer.

Would you buy a phone without holding or buy a new TV without testing it? We are faithful to the brands we know and trust. With alive promotion; we are reaching customers and providing them with an opportunity to build and trust your brand. We promise to:

  • Make consumers aware of your brand
  • Know your brand's Key Selling Points (KSPs) and your competitiveness
  • Build a loyal client base
  • Improves your sales, profits and company value
  • Maintaining your brand image
  • Look into the future and strategize on what can be done
  • Definitely bring the element of passion

Standard Brand Promotions

  • In-store/In-bar Promos
  • Mall Activations
  • Roadshows and Public Mobilization Campaigns
  • Market Storms